fork rod...rust?

G'day again, ive just been pulling my forks apart and have found that the dampning rod has got little specs of rust all over it, (not the push rod) the other one. is this a problem? should i try and get it all off?

also if i want to have a look at the seals and clean them up, do i need to buy that dampning rod hoder or can i just pull the forks apart? i wasnt clear with the manual instructions.

thanks guys :cry:

The rod your talking about...Does it connect to the fork cap? If so, that rod can get fairly beat looking. Dont worry about it. The finish on it is not critical.

If you take your forks apart much, the tool is really nice to have. It makes oil and bushing changes simple.

mine too, brushed it smooth with sandpaper but expect it back

no worries then, thanks for the input


Well water got in there somehow. I would heck into it more. Water is never good inside suspensions :cry:

yeah thats what i thought, the oil seemed fine, didnt smell, still nice colour, i havnt been able to take the valve out yet, workin on findin a rattle gun. but yeah not sure

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