Weekend's Riding

Here is what I did last weekend, went exploring down the Wild Coast (East coast of South Africa) - stayed at Umngazi River Bungalows.

I can recommend this facility, excellent location, tarred road all the way there, good accomodation, service and food (3 meal per day).

Had quite an unusual experience while there

There was a howling South Wester on Friday, I was riding down a dirt road heading towards the river mouth at Port St Johns(north side of the river). There is a massive cliff on one's left hand side. There I am being extra cautious of oncoming vehicles, when a tree breaks loose from the cliff and comes crashing down meters behind me. I never even realised it happened, it was seen by my buddy riding some distance behind me. He reckons it missed me by mere meters .

I kind of figured he was exagerating its size, it being a branch, but on our return I saw it, and was shocked. if it had hit me I would not be posting today, it was huge. Two of us battled to drag the one side of it off the road. (did not have my camera on me to record the scene ) .

Funny, I never thought a way of dying on 2 wheels would be from getting taken out by a tree falling on you.

Anyway, all said and done, I'm still here to annoy you guys.

Enjoy the pics :cry:




Cool riding! Any worries about Lions or crocs in that river crossing? Talk about adventure riding! Great Scenery! Thanks. :cry: :cry: :cry:

This beach was really fun to ride on.

There are hundreds of kms of pretty much free range riding in this part of South Africa.

Why dont some of you guys come down here for an organised tour.

Check out www.africanoffroadtours.com for details


Incredible photos! Thanks for sharing. :cry:

Wow, great story and pics. Thanks for sharing. Riding in South Africa really looks great!

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