piston rattle

here is one 4 ya. i have started to notice a rattle at low rpm's like coming out of a corner just when i turn the throttle slow and steady. it does not make the noise if i rap down hard on it when racing just when i'm goin slow. this is a new sound to me on this bike is it normal engine wear like piston slap or can it be because of the high compression at low revs. by the way i am riding a 03 450

It is probably chain slap, although you should get some of that at heavy throttle at low rpm's, too. I'ts 3 times as long between power strokes (a turn and a half instead of a half) on a four stroke compared to a two stroke, so the power flow is pretty choppy at low speeds. Makes the chain slap the slider pretty hard.

The gearbox can be a bit noisey going slow for the same reason.

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