HI From AUSTRALIA i've just bought my 2nd wr426 and love 'em.This one I bought after 1 hours hard riding the radiator runs dry what suggestions (if any)has anyone got,as i need to ride for longer than that.

check your water pump drain hole. If the water pump seals/shaft fail (common) the water will leak out of this hole. Unlikely it would dump the entire cooling system though. When mine was shot it used to use about 1" out of the overflow every ride. Basically, if the water isn't leaking out it's leaking in :cry:

Check your oil and make sure it is not milky white. If it is normal then you are leaking out the weep hole. New water pump impellar shaft and water/oil seals is needed. The water seal cuts a groove into the shaft because there is no real lubrication. I replace mine every 6 months like clock work. :cry:

Thanks for the info I will have a look this weekend and hopefully i can fix the problem,I do appreciate your advice..

I went for a ride today and saw water leaking out of the spark plug drain plug but could not find the water pump drain hole i think maybe there could be a fault somewhere else but the oil is fine and it still used about 1 litre out of the radiator,any suggestions?????

If it is truely leaking out of the head you may be burning most of it up out of the exhaust. Time for a new head gasket most likely. You need to fix this ASAP! Not good cooling and you may be damaging your engine if you keep running it like this. :cry:

thanks that is what i thought i may have to do but thought there may be something simple that i overlooked,oh well looks like my week-end will be fixing the drama,thanks again :cry:

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