Going from Syn back to normal oil.

Guys, I'd like to go back to normal 20w 50 oil fromt he Yamaha Semi Synthetic I've been using for about a year and a half.

My dealer says I should not go back once I've gone synthetic. Is he BSing me to get the $7 a bottle or will there be no side effects what so ever?

I'm going to go with the Valvoline Motorcycle Oil now available at Wal-Mart for cheap. Anyone gone from Syn back to normal?


I have heard the same about sticking with one type of oil, this being two stroke pre-mix. I really have no idea though. The only thing I can think of is the clutch plates being saturated in the oil...and maybe not mixing too well with the bean oil(?)

I would stongly recommend that you stick with a good synthetic that is wet-clutch compatible.Anything that works the oil as hard as a motorcycle will live a longer, happier life using synthetic oil.Stay away from Castrol,they are a great marketing company but a crappy lubricant company.

I've "heard" that switching oils can cause seals to either expand or contract leading to oil leaks. Take it or leave it though cause like I said, It's what I've "HEARD".



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

The yamalube is real good oil. Don't be cheap, get the good stuff. Also, beat up your dealer on the price. You should be able to get that for 5 bucks a quart easy. I do.

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