'05 450 vs '04 and PRICES

First of all, I'm 6'2 at 210 lbs and will be under 200lbs here shortly. I'm a sophmore attending the local community college with plans to tranfer to the University of Michigan next year. At this point, I'm basically a slower B rider, with hopes to become faster next season.

I'm looking to upgrade from the trusty '00 426. I've decided upon a Yamaha YZ450F for the sake of Yamaha's proven reliablilty. My question is...'04 or '05?

I'm wondering if the '04 power delivery would be beneficial to a bigger guy like me than would the smoother '05 power delivery characteristics. I realize that for '05, Yamaha has made significant strides in improving the jetting and suspension over previous years. Just how significant are those changes and how much would those changes be reflected through my riding? Not only this, but it seems that I can save about $700 by grabbing up a leftover '04. I'm just a bit confused as to which would be better for me, all things considered.

I'm also wondering, what kind of prices are you guys paying? I live along the Canadian border here in Michigan, so I'm trying to take advantage of the exchange rates(though not too favorable at the time). So far I've gathered $6100 OTD for an '05 and $5400 OTD for an '04. If you have any better priced sources, I'd appreciate the help.

Help me out guys! :cry:


Nick Lynn

I live in Cali ,so I cant comment on prices

I would wait for the 06 :cry:

If you cant wait get the 05,the power is suposto be smother but that does not mean less power.look at it like chad reed thought the power on the 03 was to abrupt and team yamaha mad his bike smooooooooother so he would not get as tired .

I am roughly the same size as you and I think the 03yz 450 forks are not that good ,my 04 crf 450 forks where night and day better ,espically becasue of your weight .they pushed me to try new stuff becasue I had so much confidence in them.My 03 is not that way at all ,I am worried that they will bottom harsh ,I upped the fork height to 115mm and it helped a little but not that much .I heard the 05 yz forks are in the same ball park as the crf's ,so that and the smmoother power and reduced weight would make me get the 05 in a hart beat ,I would have bought one but I am waiting for the 06's :cry:

You can get the 05 450 for around $5600.00 cash in the pittsburgh area! :cry:

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