First problem on my '04 L

My bike has developed an oil leak. I can’t tell if it’s the clutch case gasket or the head gasket.

What is the more common gasket to go out? It is only leaking on the left side, and I can’t tell if it’s splashing up on to the head gasket from the clutch cover, or if it is the head gasket.

What would be a good test to check were the leak is coming from?

The dealer wants $120 to determine where the leak is coming from. $300 if it’s the head gasket. If the leak is small should I live with it for a while longer? It only has 5k miles on it.

Is it worth it to have the dealer find the leak and I do the head gasket for $120 or should I just let them do the work?

I know I want to do the work my self, but I don’t know if I am ready to take out the head just yet.

Thanks all any advice would be great.

Mmmm, I think we need to 'sync-up' on terminology here...

OK, is the leak on the right, or the left? The clutch is under the right-hand cover, the magneto under the left-hand cover. All right-left stuff referenced from your perspective while seated on the bike.

Is the leak up near the top of the head (head gasket/valve cover stuff) or near the bottom (cylinder base gasket).

Generically, the best way to find the leak is to clean the heck out of it, then run it/ride it a little, look very closely, ride some more, etc... until you can see the leak before the oil spreads all over the place.

The leak could also be in the hard oil-line to the head, or in the oil supply/return lines.


The leak is on the left side if I am sitting on the bike. It’s not the Valve cover gasket; it’s either the cylinder base gasket, or the clutch cover gasket. But I will definitely check the oil lines; I did not think to look there :cry:

The bike is still under warranty, shouldn't this be covered?

Yeah, if the bike is under warranty I would think that should be covered.

your oil leak should be the lower location, oil leaks seldom "splash up" ... you said 1600 miles, but not the age of the bike, it sounds like it is still under the warranty period, and an oil leak would be covered ... try a different dealer, and see what they say ...

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