2005 WR450 Seat Height

I have 2003 WR450 and I was planning on purchasing a 2005. Until I read about the lower seat height. I am 6'4". I have a taller seat, Pro-Taper bars with the tall bar mounts and the pegs are modified to be lower and farther back.

For 2005 I know they have lowered the bike by 20mm. If I understand correctly, 10mm is from the seat. That's no problem, since I would have to go with a taller seat anyhow.

But where is the other 10mm coming from? Frame? Sub-Frame? Suspension? (I also read about a new swing arm.)

If it's in the subframe, I might be able to have it changed.

Any info is appreciated.


Spokes, I saw the 05 for the first time today. I'm am 5'8 and I can touch both feet tippytoes. Frame,seat and suspension make up the 20mm. I can really tell the difference over the04 model. Man, those bikes are as slim as my KTM 2smoke. :cry:

Darn, the slim part is OK. But, I don't need it to be any lower. I'd really like to know how they've made it lower and can I reverse it.

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