crap in oil

I have a '02 YZ426 and when I had the oil changed by bike dealer they told me that I had "large quantity of Silver alloy crap in the oil"

What could this be?

What does it mean?


Wayne :cry: :cry:

gear shavings most likely. The tranny gears shed a lot on the pre 03 bikes. It's a very good reason to change to oil very frequently.

Mine has done that since day 1. No problems yet.

Ditto, dont worry about it

I agree, but this is a reminder to change that oil often.

I hate to threadjack, but that is a very interesting avatar you have there... Got any more pics?

Background info?

Bwa... holy smokes! :cry: Ok now that I have my breath back, without defining what a "large quantity" is it's difficult to make a call. Some small metal flakes in the oil filter are normal, but unless you rarely service the oil filter a large pile of flakes, or big chunks are not normal. If it was just small flakes then I wouldn't worry, just change the oil frequently and keep an eye on it. You can even search the threads here and see pictures of some filters with the metal flakes and that might give you a ballpark idea of what is normal for a few rides worth of metal flakes.

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