Dyno number two Ran the XR680R at the Dyno-Dudes

The Dyno-Dudes claim there Dyno is spot on. Calibrated. It is in a Enclosed, controlled room. Updated Dyno Page Click Here : :cry:


I totally agree with you. The euro's are not getting 65hp out of a 680...

To crack the 60hp front maybe a machine balanced crank, lighter Ti chain and a No Toil filter?

Keep going!!!

Yo Bruce,

This guy says that he is getting over 60hp, and over 35lb torq., with his CRF450. What do you think? :cry:

At edelbrock they had a Yamaha 450 and were getting 47~48hp....I don't know what they had all in that engine but, they wanted more so, they bored and stroked it. Had all the top goodies and were looking for 53hp...they were getting 33fpTorque. I think I am at the point that I will believe anything if I can run my bike as a base line on the same Dyno setup all the same as when they ran what ever other bike. :cry: :cry: If they get 60hp out of a CRF450 and my bike right afterwards still gets 58hp I would believe it :cry: The CRF450 you pointed out is getting less horse power everywhere then mine till it passes where my bike hits the rev limiter. The guy at Dyno_dudes says they have seen a lot of posts on the road race group (big 1000cc bikes) that fix there charts and then post them. They have the charts as ran and what they see on the net is different so, I think I'll see what my bike can put out....I'll be back :cry:

I think I'll see what my bike can put out....I'll be back :cry:

I'll bet with the right dyno (a little creativity and some photoshop skills), you could get 160hp out of your bike. :cry: :cry: :cry:

I just used paint and I am not that good and I would believe this:


This is the real one:


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