YZF450 exhaust cam

To all that installed a 2003 YZF450 exhaust cam in the 2003 WR450: How many pins (cam chain) between the marks (teeth) on each cam sprocket. I'm counting pins, not links. The 2 marks on the exhaust - 12:00 o'clock & 9 o'clock , the 2 marks on the intake - 12:00 o'clock & 3 o'clock. I counted 12 pins. Is this correct? :cry:(the crank is on the TDC mark). Thanks for any info.


Well I'm answering my posting: Its 14 pins! It looked right set at 13pins, but set at 14 pins the bike starts good even though the punch mark is slightly under the recommended position (9:00 o'clock)on the exh. cam. It has a bog if you snap the throttle, but revs out good after that. I'll turn in the mixture screw from 2.5 turns to 2 turns and go from there. Thanks for looking and any info is appreciated.

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