helmetcams ;

lookin in to gettin one. anyone have any tips,sugestions...

If you get one from www.helmetcamera.com dont use the tinted lens. Its really too dark and distorts the color of the picture. Other than that I have no problems with this company and they make a excellent product. The picture is awesome with my Digital8 camcorder.


Darin in Missouri - 1999 WR400F

Enduro Heaven

MAN..! I could'nt ask for more! Thanks for the quick responce, RON & DARIN. nice photos! RON. Took a ride here in steamboat spg. CO. with my bud John over the 4th. holiday week, it was awsome. Thought it'd be cool to get some vid of the ride. Next time for sure.

Thanks, Dan

I have the one from Helmetcamera.com and it takes pretty good video. I've had a few problems getting it to work properly but all in all I guess I'm happy with it. However, I used it this weekend and it was pretty hot out. The battery sort of blew up. It didn't explode but it got bloated and is now non functional. So I need a new battery...$$$

Actually, I think the big problem is my digital camera. I have a Canon ZR10 and the plugs kept coming apart. Taping it real good solved that problem. Then I started having problems when the rocks and hard jolts made the heads jump, causing digital artifacting of the video. I used a regular belt to help secure my backpack more to keep it from moving. That seemed to help too.

Then I noticed on my last ride I was missing sections of video. There would be video and then just blue screen, video, blue screen...etc. for about 20 minutes. I think this was because the cord came untaped from my helmet and was pulling on the helmetcam itself. I hope anyway.

I agree about the tinted lens. It is too dark. They also scratch pretty easily. So those are just a few things I've gone through to get this thing to work properly.

Ron, I think you could be more organized with your information regarding the helmetcam stuff.... I mean, Get your act together. What is this rookie hour?? :)

I wish I was going riding with you guys this weekend but I'll be in Bass Lake doing a dualsport ride with my Dad and Brother, otherwise I'de be there... See ya, Dan


Dan, have fun at Bass Lake.

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