Losing Coolant But Cannot See Where?

I am losing about half a radiator for every hour of riding and cannot see where its coming out, its not the overflow hose or the water pump hole, the oil is fine and I do not notice a loss in power,I just changed the radiator cap and its not that hot in CA this time of year.

Any Suggestions? Thanks.

If you are certain that there are no external leaks, it isn't getting out at the cap or the pump, and there is no coolant in the oil, there's only about one thing left.

Check to see if the inside of your radiator smells like your exhaust. Pull your cam cover and check the torque on your head bolts. There has been at least one TT'r who found one loose. If you do also, replace the head gasket.

The engine can be pulling water in past tne head gasket without it leaking enough compression to notice much of a drop in performance.

if your losing coolant and don't see it externally,the only other choice is internal. check for bubbles in radiator coolant[when full] with engine running.good luck ,it doesn't sound like its gonna be pretty.

If your coolant is getting in your cylinder the spark plug will usually become rusty on it's end.


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