Special yamaha Dampning rod holder...$$$

ive just been to yamaha and got quoted over $200 for the proper tool, NO WAY. so i asked them how much it would cost to crack the nut and undo the valve assembly, they wanted $200........ :cry:. So now i have partially dismantled forks, i want to clean the valves out, does anyone from aus live in melbourne and have access to such a tool? or where i can go to get it done cheaper? :cry:

If you must have the real tool, motion pro sells them for 40.00 or so.

The PVC pipe works, but if I were to DIY it again I would try copper tubing. Something with more strength than the pvc.

I think he's asking about the damper rod holding tool (two nuts), not the cartridge holding tool (pvc pipe) :cry:

thanks guys, actually, i got mixed up, i was after ther cartridge tool, i just made one out of steel pipe that seems to fit, i havnt tried it yet, but looks promising, instead of the two nut trick i screwed the cap back on and used it as the 'locknut'

thanks for everyones help :cry:

I made the tool and have completed changing the fork seals, however I found out from a friend that it's not necessary to use the castle tool and you just use a rattle gun instead. I asked my local yamaha shop and that is also the way they do it. I might try one next time.

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