Am I ready to graduate to a 450F??

I have an 01 YZ250F and it has been great. I picked it up used last summer and other than a few stupid moves on my part it has run like a top. It is quick and... well you all know the rest.

Next summer (winter is approaching here in Boston) I am thinking about swapping out the old for a brand spankin new bike and I am debating if I shoud go up to a 450F or stick with another 250F. I can control the 250 well but realise tha a lot has change from the 01 to the 05.

I ride 50-50 trails-track. I dont race yet but when my son is older and we can di it together I plan to get involved. I am competitive and a good athlete. I am 6'1" and about 190lbs.

Will the 450F be too much machine for me if I ride 50% in the woods by my house? My local riding buddies ride XRs and my wife is on a CRF150F... needless to say I get stuck doing a lot of waiting and looking behind me... But I want the 450 juice!!!

Will I be frustrated? OR am I just imagineing things?

THanks! :cry:

I would go for the 450. My thoughts are it is better to have all that power and never use it then to not have it and crash b/c you werent in the powerband going up the 100ft hill. Also I used to think it was not a good woods bike, then i realized i just needed to get used to it. I love mine and will never buy anything else. Its an awsome woods bike and one hell of a track bike straight from the box. Only mod i did was fatbars. :cry:

Its an awsome woods bike and one hell of a track bike straight from the box. Only mod i did was fatbars. :cry:

THanks for reminding me.. If I splurge for the 05 450F I will not have much if any cash to spend on upgrades for the first year ... bars, maybe but no pipes or other good stuff. Is the 450 a ripper out of the box? ...and if you only had a grand to spend on upgrades what items would give the best bang for the buck?

IMO you dont need any mods for it at all. All this stuff about getting wr trannies and pipes is a waste of money. Hardly anybody out there has the skill to ride for 450 to its limits and if you can your probably a pro rider. So why woould you want more power?? As far as mods to make it a better woods bike. IMO just learn to ride it and use your clutch. Like i said its just my opinion. I was all ready to change gearing and maybe get a flywheel weight. Then i just practiced a lot and got used to it. Im really glad i didnt waste any on money on mods and love the bike stock :cry:.

You need:

1. decent chain

2. decent bar

That is about it. You will need thick tubes also very soon,

and donno about the tires on '05 in USA, but mine were crap,

made a big difference in turning and traction with new Michelin S12.

Wow, that chain pic is proof enough! As for the tube & tires I just got a brand new tires for my 250F but have not put it on yet. Is it the same size as the 450F? If so I may just keep it fresh and put it on the 450 next summer.


You can always ride a fast bike slow. You can never ride a slow bike fast. It's a no-brainer. Go with the 450. :cry: Seriously though, the best advice is to try one out first if you can. It will make your decision much easier. Based on what you have said though, I think you would have no trouble with a 450.

I have a YZ450 and would rather not ride it in the woods. On single track it is just to much to handle. First gear is high and you have to slip the clutch constantly. The gas tank is too small too.

The 05 comes with Renthal bars so why replace those. I just put on an 0-ring chain and go ride.

for 05 , the stock chain is the only "required" mod. The 05 comes with good renthal bars :cry:

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