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Any side hack groupies here?

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Hello....my name is Janette and I am a side hack groupie.

I have watched these guys at a few GPs and seen to road race version on TV a bunch of times. I just....I just dig it SO much!!!!!!!!!!

I was going to try my hand at road racing in '05....but I've decided that this quirky bunch might fit me a bit better.

Anyone know of anyone that does this?



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I have not seen the offroad hacks in action live. I have seen

them in the Isle Of Man TT road race. Amazing, hanging off the bikes

at 150+... The helicopter footage from that race every year is some

of the best.

Id love to have a offroad side car with a decent suspension to take

on & off my bike.

Few pics & sites I found, they have a photo section with some

crashes & other racing pics. The pikes peak dirt tracker looks like fun.





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