Why cant Yamaha have only one drain bolt.

I dont get why street bikes can have one drain bolt for their oil and the 450's have 25 and a screen. Is there a reason for this maddness. I am always afraid of not tighing them tight enough or having them to lose. Striping one bolt is bad striping 25 and losing all your oil is really bad. :cry:

Cause Yamaha chose reliability(larger oil volume) and a potential slight increase in power(dry sump vs. wet sump). You could drill and safety wire the drain bolts or wet sump the engine and accept the possibility of less reliability. I don't think anyone has had a properly torqued bolt coming loose.

What? Run the engine, drain the frame, pull the big plug on the bottom, and that's it. What's big?

Check the screen about every 3rd change, or when you're suspicious.

Change the oil every 2 or 3 rides, depending. Do the filter with every change. If you make her think you love her, she'll stay with you.

If you make her think you love her, she'll stay with you.

Yeah but don't let her catch you riding other bikes or she's liable to get driven by another rider too... They're very tempermental about that... :cry: :cry:

I think a lot of peoples frustration comes from the fact that the Yamaha has TWO 2 drain bolts on the case. The large one, and also the small bolt just under the shifter. This little bolt is a pain to have to deal with every time, but if you want a full drain, you need to remove it.

One thing I do also to get a more complete drain: I never remove the frame drain bolt. I, instead, take the oil line loose where it attaches to the motor just below the clutch cover. This gives a more complete drain and is less messy because oil will not run down your frame.

I clean my Scott's with every change.

good point. I do this too. Just remove the line and let it drain, no need to clean the screen after the first few changes. It is mostly to catch initial manufacturing debris during break-in. It is a good idea to look at every once in a while, but I have never found any thing in it after the first few changes.

-scooter :cry:

I've never touched the screen on any of my bikes. I do remove all three bolts though. That little 3rd one empties alot more oil than you would think.

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