Holes in flywheel?

I had a 14oz zip ty flywheel on my 02 yz 426, and want to take it off. Will the flywheel be ok with the 4 holes in it. or do I have to order a new flywheel? :cry:

It was OK with the holes it while the weight was on. Why not without it?

Your flywheel will be a little lighter than stock because of the holes. Your flywheel held the extra weight with no problems so, it should not going to break with the weight off. Just make sure you don't leave any loose Loctite or metal shavings behind when you remove the weight.


Is there any way to leave the bolts in the holes to add a touch of extra weight?

In the event that the person who installed the weight had it balanced after the weight was installed, be sure that you mark both the weight and the flywheel so that they go back together the same way if you decide to put the weight back on!

Is there any way to leave the bolts in the holes to add a touch of extra weight?

There is a chance that the bolts will be too long and they could hit the coils behind the flywheel so without measuring first I would not put them back in.


No i didnt have it balanced because i couldnt find anyone around here to do it. Do you know of somwon i can send it to?

Well this is what really happend, I got the 14oz flywheel weight and when insatlling it, i got one of the 4 holes alittle off so it wouldnt go in, But three of the bolt would. So i ran it with 3 for awhile with no problems. BUt i sold the bike and told the guy about it, and he said no way!! it has to have all 4 bolts in it and then It has to be ballanced. well Since i couldnt repair the old flywheel or in any way make it work (in his standards) I had to order a new one. But i just didnt want to throw the old one away.

But is it really that important to have it balanced, im mean it is a machined product and the stocker is allredy balanced. :cry:

c'mon fellas!! need more info :cry:

Buy the new stock flywheel and install it - Send the 14 to zipty for fixing!

But i need to install the 14oz flywheel weight on the new flywheel as soon as i get it.

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