Zip Ty fuel mixture screw

Which type of fuel mixture screw from ZipTy will work with the '05 WR? I went on their webpage and they had two different ones listed for the Kiehn carb- the second generation "pumper" carb and the first generation Kiehn carb. Sorry for the lame questions but this is my first Yamaha

i assume it will be the second, for the second generation, the first was for the original carb, like my wr400 99. theres only slight differences in the end. ive got a good pic that explains it. ill see if i can post a link


Thanks to you too, BrettV. Now can you explain to me what "spit the winkle" means. Cheers mate :cry:

hmm, spit the winkle?

Thanks partner! Y'all are a true gentleman :cry:

Umm, opposed to popular belief, we don't actually talk like that. :cry: Well, unless running for public office, and then it's just try to charm voters with our good 'ol boy persona. :cry:

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