13 T / 51T or 13T / 50T to shorten up a bit???

I had a tough time in some really tight woods the other day. What do you guys think? Stock is 14 / 51. I have a 13 tooth front and a spare 50 t rear. I was thinking 13/50 or running to get a 52 tooth rear. The chain seems long anyways. It's way back in the tires mounts. Better handling further up, correct?

Further up you will get more rear weight for better grip on acceleration. It will also shorten your wheel base so it could allow you bike to turn sharper. The downside the bike will wheelie easier...maybe thats not a downside.


Well I decided on the 13/50 for now. After I removed a link it's exactly in the middle. At least it's better then it was. If I decide on the 51 it will be further forward. Thanks

Has anyone tried to go with a 50 tooth on there 05? I was thinking on trying it to see if you can get more out of 2nd!

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