i have had my 01 wr426 for a few years now and had never heard of cutting the "grey wire". were is it and also should it make a drastic improvement over the stock power. also, i have removed the airbox lid and uncorked the pipe. is there anything else i can do to give it a little boost withouth spending any money. do you think i should rejet the carb as well? thanks for any suggestions.

Hey shazbot,

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have you cut the holes in the side of the airbox? 40mm is about as big as you can go on the 250f (having had one) 2003 bikes and my 04 450 was pre-cut. the other free mods are floating around out there on tt and the web, though i would be careful about cutting wires as they usually serve a purpose, limiting the revs and the like. motors dont usually like to be over-revved.

i just bought my 450 and have some spares for sale so they wouldnt be any good to you, but i can suggest getting the jetting looked at as bikes are apparently jetted a bit rich from new. if you are in oz(nsw) i can suggest a good mechanic if you want to spend some worthwhile dollars on some extra get up & go

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