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DR650 dies easily

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I have a DR650R-92, and it has this very annoying habit of dying, let me explain. When I start it cold it usually goes OK, it takes a few kicks, but nothing serious. I go on my ride, and all's well. Then, when the bike's warm and I've stopped for a map check or similar, I plan to start, I put first gear in, release the clutch and meet with throttle, it very often dies. Sometimes it survives after a bad "blubber". Sometimes it helps "yanking" the throttle to get past the critical first quarter of throttle, but it doesn't always help.

It definitely appears to be a carb problem, right? Since this problem started (I'm not sure when it started, it's kind of evolved) I've had the carb apart and cleaned it, I've changed main jet and pilot jet, I've shifted the needle both up and down, and I've played with the mixture screw (not all of these at the same time, of course), but nothing has really mattered.

So, what's left to do? (Except getting a new bike, and believe me, that's high on my list).

Please help a Swedish guy.

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