Please help with tips on tire changing at home

Getting ready for my first trip to the dunes so it's time to attempt to put on the padle tire. I tried to change the rear tire once in the past but gave up! I'll admit that after sweating it out for about an hour I realized that I forgot to release the tire lock, duuuh!

I was so worn out that I just paid the the over priced shop and was done with it. I just found out that that they do it by hand also. I figure that if they can do it so can I! I'll be going back to a new knoby tire when I get back and would hate to pay twice for a tire change.

Please give me some tips on how to get this done by myself.

BTW, I got the part about removing the valve stem nut and the tire lock down, hahahaha. I also have a set of 3 tire spoons.

Thanks, S/T. :cry:

Tire changing tricks

Don't sound like magic tricks to me...but I gather that once you've done it without needing a box a bandaids and a spare tube you've reached a new level...

Been there! Get some GOOD tire irons (3). Use baby powder on the tube so it dosen't stick or get a hole rubbed in it when riding. (Don't ask me why, I just tried it years ago when I heard it from someone else.) The rim locks can be a pain, I seem to use a different way each time when dealing w/them. Trial and error. I also use dish soap to mount and dismount. Pour it on the tire near the rim and let it run under the bead for a second or two. Lubes it up so the tire will slide easy but dries sticky and clean (easy to wash excess off) Be sure to push the tube away from the areas where the tire irons are being used to aviod pinch flats, most common problem. If nothing else I do know that changing a paddle in 80 degree temps is alot easier than changing a freakin' ice tire in 20 degree temps!!!!! lol

Keep the bead in the center hump of the wheel so you have meat to work with and use good irons. Once you're good you will only need two irons.

I use a dead blow to break the bead since sometimes its stuck on good...

Oh yeah...a stand that gets the tire up off the floor or above bending over level makes changing tires 100 times easier..."break the bead not your back"

Bending over on the floor with your asscrack hanging out, sweat dripping from your brow, cussing, throwing irons and neighbors wondering what the hell is going no way to change a tire!

If you are near San Dimas, swing by and I will show you how its done for free on one of my stands...


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