NEW 04 YZ450F

I have a couple of questions regarding setting up my new ride (ordered yesterday).

What is the best bar mount option for 1 1/8" bars that will enable me to use my scotts damper? I am 6' tall.

I ride cross country and enduros. I have on my list a flywheel weight (ordering today), clarke 2.8 tank (ordering today), race tech suspension front and rear, hand guards off my soon to be gone 04 crf450, z-start (on order), fuel screw (ordering today), new chain (today), changing tires when it arrives.

Any tips on maintenance like where online to buy oil filters, extra air filters, etc...

Thanks for your help.

Order a stainless steel sprocket to go with your new chain. Also get a Scott's stainless steel re-usable oil filter and about 2 or 3 more air filters. Take the bolts out of the top of the chain slider when you have your chain off. Run a thick bead of silicone down between the slider and the swingarm, and then re-install the slider.

With the list you had and the few items above, you should set and ready to go.

Like the silocone sealant stuff that comes in a tube like caulk?

No, like clear silicone sealant. skthom2320 says that Goop brand automotive sealant works even better than silicone. The idea is to make a buffer between the chain slider and the swingarm to prevent wear from the two rubbing together.

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