426f top end, to rebuild or not to rebuild

i have an 01 yz426f and ride it at least everyother weekend pretty hard, it still rips on the stock piston and rings. the question is whether or not i should replace them before they go up in smoke or keep hauling till the power starts falling off. thanks :cry:

Do a compression test. That'll give you a pretty good idea on the top end's health.

I agree with rsstom... a little "checkup" could help with the diagnosis. No need to fix what ain't broke... but don't want to wait too long otherwise... it's too broke. :cry:

A few minutes with the compression guage... that's a good idea.

pressurize the cylinder with a leak-down tester to see the condition

also if someone has a boriscope to peak inside wouldnt hurt either

i have about 100 hrs on my 2000 model and im not about to break open a perfectly good motor

the 2- stroke mentality doesnt apply here

good periodic maintenance and your bike will last longer than the average

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