WR400 Questions

Please help im quite new to yamaha WR's, and the question i have is my rear suspension feels really soft making it feel like its gonna bottom. And the steering feels really slow does anyone know what the sag should be and how to set it up.

The next question is are the yz/wr 400 piston the same?.

Are there any jetting changes for fitting aYZ silencer and YZ timing to a WR400

thanks for any help in advance.

You can get stiffer springs for the rear (about $100) and you can raise the forks in the tubes to make it turn faster.

Thanks guys this really helped. :cry:

you dont have to rejet anything to us a yz silencer or to yz time your unit.

The only reason i asked about a WR/YZ 400 piston being same is a mate of mine as a vertex teflon coated piston kitwhich is new. And if its fits the WR ill buy it.

anyone know for sure.

No, the pistons are not the same. Wrist pin holes are of different size.

Brilliant cheers guys, thanks for the input.

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