Pics - '05 California WR450 AIS (smog) setup

What prevents that thing from falling off if i pry it correctly with a screwdriver? :cry:

If it is anything like the R1 street bike, I removed it and pluged the exhaust hole with a bolt. People sell kits, to do this exact removal.

I'm in Texas, mine looks the same. Yamaha's website makes it appear that air injection is a Cali bike only feature. From what I can tell all the U.S. bikes are the same. Makes more sense from a manufacturing/distribution standpoint.

Oh my! :cry: I am so glad I have a 04. :cry: What a mess. :cry:

looking at that horrible mess of a unit i'm glad i'm in Australia where it isnt fitted. its a case of numberplate, headlights, brake light and blinkers and then its off up the street we go, dodging the kangaroos on the way of course!

Matt, I'm pretty sure your aussie 05 WR's will have the smog deal. Have you actually seen an 05 without the smog deal?


I got my 05' back on October 26th. So far it runs great, but the smog stuff needs to go. Way to much crap on there for Arizona riding. Anyone have any ideas how to get that extra plumbing off????

Can it be removed???

It CAN be removed, but not sure if it will be harmful to the motor. I don't see why it would hurt it, because the YZ runs without it.

It looks like the smog pump on my Yamaha roadstar.It is(I Think) a vacume operated pump.It injects air into the exhaust port of the head.Its hard to tell from the picks.I dont get my 05 till friday then I can look better to see how to take it off.I bet that is what is causing in poping on deceleration it's pumping air into the exhaust just like a exhaust leak.If it is the same as my roadstar it will be coming off :cry:

'05 California WR450 AIS (smog) setup, You mean all state's AIS (smog) setup (I live in Michigan), I just picked mine up on Saturday, Don't bother riding your new bike till you do the throttle stop and uncork the exhaust, Otherwise you will go to bed crying that night (my daughter xr100 seemed faster than my new bike) . Sunday I added a .200 spacer to throtle stop screw, and removed the insert from tailpipe, now its at least rideable enough to break in.

The AIS is powered from a vacume pulse that is channeled in above one of the intake valves, From what I can tell removing it will not do much for performance unless you have the intake and exhaust port welded up and reshaped to remove the air flow air restrictions.

It is powered by the vacuum of the motor.

who makes a kit to remove this?

It's rumored Baja Designs is working on one

Hmmm, let’s see here, where did I put my soapbox, ahh yes, there it is… :cry:

AIS is quite possibly the biggest waste of money forced upon motorcycle manufacturers in the last 15 years. This cost is, of course, subsequently passed on to us, the buyers, for the sake of fooling the “greenies” into thinking our toys are not destroying the environment. Never mind the 1000’s of passenger planes with unregulated emissions that take off everyday, or the nice coal burning power plants around the country, it’s your dirt bike that’s killing the rainforests & feeding global warming… but I digress. AIS is essentially like running a carbonated water line to the outlet of a keg tap, thereby diluting the mixture as it leaves the system, so as to say it has less alcohol in it. :cry: The keg still has the same amount of beer, with the same alcohol content, now its just being watered down before it goes into your glass. That 400/426/450cc combustion chamber on your bike is still producing the same amount of “evil environmentally destructive” exhaust gasses that it did without AIS, only now they’re diluting what comes out of the tailpipe with “clean” air from the surrounding environment... that's right, the same air they're moaning about keeping "clean" is the very air injected into the exhaust stream so that what comes out of the tailpipe seems less "polluted", & it messes with the machine’s performance at the same time. The only way your really going to accomplish a reduction in produced emissions it to find a fuel that burns cleaner, or more completely... but that’s a whole different subject. Hopefully the greenies won’t catch onto these tricks & we’ll all be able to keep enjoying our toys without resorting to 150cc 12hp engines that run on used canola oil & have a charcoal canister for an exhaust. :cry:

I had to deal with AIS on my 98 Suzuki TL1000R race bike, I was able to have a friend machine some block-off plates out of some titanium scrap & bolt them onto the AIS inlet flanges on the exhaust ports, where the hard piping of the AIS system went. Unfortunately, that didn’t cure the fact that the exhaust ports now have a big “cavity” on one side that impedes flow & doesn’t belong there, but I suppose the resulting performance reduction on a 130hp race bike are negligible at best.

Sorry for the rant gents, this is just something I’ve wanted to “spout off” about for a while now.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread…

Somebody has to make a block off kit. I have a CRF 250 X that had a smog system and I removed it. Baja Designs made a kit for that.

Soapbox dude: Aaaaaaamen Brotha! :cry:

ThumperTalk AIS Smog Removal Kit will be ready in the TT store in the next 24 to 48 hours... :)

It's rumored Baja Designs is working on one

Lowedog sells the kit. PM him.

Good job Bryan. I was waiting for that to happen. :)

ThumperTalk AIS Smog Removal Kit will be ready in the TT store in the next 24 to 48 hours... :)

Bryan is this the same as lowedog or a new kit? I can't find it on that link yet.


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