Upgrading flywheel and lighting coil on 98 YZ400

Hey gang, new to the forum and have really found alot of useful posts in here. I have just purchased a 98 YZ400 and attempting to set if up for N GA trail duty. I plan on installing a flywheel and lighting coil off of a newer WR426, however I think I may need a spacer or new engine cover to accomodate the extra stuff. Is this correct? Perhaps just the factory WR426 Stator cover or aftermarket? I can get good Yamaha dealer pricing or wholesale aftermarket, so cost isnt an issue, just proper fitment. Any recommendations? Thanks

an '02 WR426 flywheel and stator fit under the stock cover on my '99 YZ400. You need to modify the pink wire on the WR stator in order for it to work. If you are advised to look at the Electrex instructions on the coversion, be aware that those instructions are specifically for wiring the stator up to work the Electrex Dual Sport kit, which has a battery, therefore it requires a floating ground. If you don't want a battery, and just want to run a headlight/taillight, then the modification is different..and much simpler. All you do in that case is cut the pink wire and ground the CDI side. You leave the Pink wire on the stator side alone..or cap it off if you want, but don't ground it.

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