Overheating with the stock baffle in??

Hello all...

I thought I had read here or on another dirtbike site that if you leave the stock baffle in on the WR that you can over heat the engine? Anyone else hear of this?

Also, does the stock headpipe turn more of a red color if you leave the baffle in?

I mainly ride mountain roads and some single track trails. An un-corked stock exhaust just is too loud for my tastes, but the hard hitting power sure is fun. I am very interested in the FMF IV-Q series and the db claims they have.

Thanks for your help,


It chokes the engine so bad I doubt heating is a problem! :)

My headpipe used to glow cherry red. That was with all factory equipment. It has also puked on me when riding tight, slow moving trails. I haven't noticed the problem since I removed the baffle.


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You ain't ridin'

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