Steel or Alloy Sprokets?

Which lasts longer, steel or alloy sprokets? I'm not racing and aint worried bout weight as i weigh 230. I just need a new chain/sproket combo. :cry:

Steel lasts 2-3 times as long, and, if you don't mind paying for it, doesn't have to be that heavy.

Look into Ironman stainless rear cogs. Not really too pricey when you think what you're getting for it. If you really don't care about weight, you can get JT's or some such on the cheap.

I agree with the above. The Ironman sprockets are the high tech version; chromoly steel, light weight and a one year replacement warranty. These can be had for about $75. If weight is no issue then something like JT sprockets would be the way to go. They are steel and last a very long time, can be had for about $25 and you can anchor your boat with them when they are too worn out to keep on the bike. :cry: See this page for a weight comparison between an aluminum Sunstar, an Ironman and a JT Sprockets steel sprocket. Look under the first big block of text, click the picture for a larger view:

Ironman page with weight comparison

If you want a good sprocket that is in the middle of those two, go with a Titax stainless steel rear sprocket. You can get them from They will last and last and last. Pair it with a DID X ring, and you have got a combo that will take you places.

since you are riding in the mud i would recommend steel.. alloy sprocket are better where its dry

you could also look into the stealth sprockets. alum mount with ti outer ring the new generation are supposed be strong and last a while. a little on the expensive side but i'd like to hear from a couple people who have used them. i have the ironman and there is still seems like a good difference in weight when you hold them up to aluminum.

The stealth tri-metal is about the best all around chain ring out right now, in my opinion. The body is aluminum, the outer is tool steel, and they are attached by titanium rivets. Almost as light as aluminum, but last WAY longer.

66$ at my local dealer. And heck, they even look cool.

damn $66. thats good to hear i was just reading that they have a 100% guarantee against breaking. :cry:

Steel Ironman sprockets- money well spent!

I just saw an ad where the new Ironman has s lifetime warrenty. I think they said it was $89.

Based on the posted requirements, I agree with Wyatt here - go for the reasonably priced Titax steel and stop shopping. In fact, get a few, like a 50, 51 and 52 rear and a 13 and 14 front - that way you can have some fun and try different ratios. Steel will last a very long time, and is much cheaper.


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