How to Modify Airbox on 05 WR 450?

Does anyone have any specifics or Pictures?? on how to modify the airbox? On the top there are two small square ports for air intake and the rest of the top is mostly battery. There are two square indented pieces behind the body panel on the kick starter side of the bike. Do you cut these out or cut out anything on the top of the airbox?

Please give me any advice or pics that you can. :cry: Thanks :cry: :cry:

Yah, I'm lookin for the same info but also the jeting (or whatever) that goes with it. I also heard you need to change the stock air filter, is that so?

If the airbox is the same as an 03 then all you need is two flat tip screwdrivers. Jamb them down into the outside edge of the little restrictor. This will release the tabs that hold it in. Use pliars on the center devider and lift it out. Put it on the shelf to look at because thats all its good for. :cry:


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