I would like to know what make wheel bearings you guys are using on the front and rear wheel. I replaced mine with the Yamaha OEM bearings, they seem to have had a rather short life.

Does anybody know the numbers on the front wheel and rear wheel bearings, it would be easier to order and then to strip than to strip and wait.

I know Boss Bearing can help you. I have seen the advertisement in the back of magazines.

Same thing for CBR Bearing in SoCal. Check the rags or net.

OEM bearings are usually only shielded, meaning they are not sealed. Depending where you ride and what your bearings are subjected too, it pays big time to go to a bearing supply house. They will probably have the sealed. They last much longer,and are usually half the price or better. I get mine from Applied Technologies in the Seattle area. Good Luck

Dannajoe, do you have a number for apllied technologies? I'm from the Seattle area and need new bearings.

JW :)

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