Stock Air Filter Crumbling??

I have my 04 YZ450 stock filter and went to clean it this past weekend. When I pulled it out, some of the foam from the seal area (grease side) shredded? Did I use the wrong type of grease to seal it up? Is there a special kind to use? Are these known for doing this?


I would suggest you toss the stock filter and buy you an ready filter at your local dealer. They cost around $10.00,pre oiled,and there reusable.gloves are also included so you dont get your hands messy. :cry:

Did you use gas to clean it?

No, I didn't use gas. Just the regular PJ1 cleaner and oil. I am not sure what grease I used on it, but didn't think it mattered??

I ordered up a No-Toil air filter, but it sucks to just throw away the stocker. I am sure this should be under warranty! :cry:

They do not need grease on the lip unless you constantly ride in very very dusty conditions - then use Belray waterproof - I have never used any grease on my 03- yep in dust too - I am tired of the mess and they seal just fine to keep dust out - Kerosene works very well to clean then run water thru it - no problems ever with disintegration....

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