popping in the airbox??

well i had an air leak in my airbox that i didn't know about which caused my bike to run real lean. i didn't know what was wrong at the time so i richened up all the jets. 182 main, 4th or 5th clip(can't remember right right), and a 45 pilot with 1 3/4 turns on on the screw. now that my airbox is sealed up when i have the seat off and the engine idling, if i put my lear to the filter i can here a popping in the airbox/carb. i also noticed a slight change in idle everytime it popped. i haven't riden it yet since i sealed the box so i haven't done any plug tests or nothin. im goin for a rip today so ill see how it runs, but wahst could be causeing that popping on the airbox side?



Maybe a backfire.

what you hear is the throttle plate. Take the seat off and it should be very easy to hear.

What do you mean you sealed up the airbox?

Your intake valve's may be going see if valve adjustment is good The gap may be gone

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