James Dean Jetting Kit...

Ok folks, I know I could do a search on this buuuuut, I'm kinda just looking for the short, concise answer. Beside that, I'M JUST PLAIN LAZY DAMMIT! :cry:

Anyways, whats the deal with the JD jet kit? I'm hearing from you folks here (Indy) that my '05 WR will start and run better with richer jetting. Basically what I want to know is whether or not the JD has ALL the correct jets and such. Will it be the "cure-all" that I'm looking for? Would I be better off buying individual jets?

I ride mainly here in the So-Cal deserts which range anywhere from just above sea-level to almost 4,000 feet.

hey Flip, I'm on the La/OC border also, where do you live where do you ride most of the time?

BTW I don't know the answer to your question but I did just purchase the JD Kit and plan on installing tonight and trying out on Sunday

GIMP!... gimprvr... sounds familiar, what other boards do you frequent? I live in La Mirada. We ride ALL over the place. Dumont, Glamis, Afton Canyon, Gorman, Ocotillo Wells, Mammouth Wash and on and on. We'll be doing Stoddard Wells on Sunday to break in the WR. :cry:

I just saw your pic with the Pipe and I thought it looked like la Habra or whittier. Cool. I hit the Hot Boat boards quite a bit. I use two names there, gimprvr and Faster. Anyway I was looking to go riding this weekend, my brother in law is heading out past camp rock rd. So I was planning on calling my old man to go. I've never been to Stoddard wells, isn't out by Victorville? what's the terrain? Maybe I'll meet you guys out there....

BTW pipe looks good

JD jetting kit has mains and 2 awesome needles ( red & blue) You still need to buy pilot, starter and leak jets and as well a zip ty fuel scew to complete your jetting kit. :cry: Or if you are lazy I think some guys out there in Kaliforniastan dont bother rejetting at all. :cry:

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