Put some graphics on my BRP

Well, I finally broke down and purchased some graphics to cover my Clarke tank a little bit. I really like the stuff over at XGX, lots of unique styles. I finshed the right side and am starting the left side this evening. Let me know what you guys think!! Sorry for the poor lighting, I am no photographer :cry:



The sticker is really a good color match, it doesn't show very well here. Looks great in the sun, I'll try to get some pics soon. I should have thrown some plastic renew on first, but oh well.

I looked through their site, and did not see a sticker kit for the xr650r. Which kit did you buy?

I wanted to get one from them as well.


Then go to Graphix/products at the top of the page.

Then tank and shroud kits.

Honda is on the left, scroll down this row to see all the different styles.

Pick a style, then you can select bike. All the styles were available for the XR650R.

Good luck.

Sweet, the last time I checked they didnt have the kits for the xr650r.

BTW, it looks really cool. :cry:

Take some better pics thou. :cry:

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