Dont freak out, i am new to the list. I can imagine how many times this subject has come up. I have recently purchased a new set of Bridgestone m22's for my WR400. (not fitted yet) Does anybody have any experiance or knowledge about the compatibility of these tires with the WR400.

They should work as long as they are the correct size. I am not a fan of M22s - What type of terrain are you going to ride? I think M22s are hard terrain tires. Regardless of tire type make sure to change your intertubes with heavy duty types.

Some tire Suggestion: Dunlop K490, D739(intermidiate terrain) D752(soft terrain)

Pierelli also makes awsome tires (MT18, MT16)

Sorry about the late response, However, i have to comment on the M22. Crapola!! I bought one because I was budgeted by my wife and have been paying for it ever since. The only good point to the tire is that it is very HARD. It won't wear out as quickly as others. I want the darn thing to wear out fast so I can buy something else. They are terrible in cornering. I have adjusted my air pressure from 9 lbs to 21 lbs and can not dial in the tire. It constantly washes out and is extremely sqirly on fire roads. It works good for climbing, just don't make any turns. In retrospect, the worn out stock tire was better.

Can you tell I am venting?? I wish someone would have told me this before I bought.

Remember, this is just my vented opinion.


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2000 WR400, WB E-Series w/7 discs, stock header, Thumper bar risers, GUTS Racing seat, Cut Grey Wire, WR timing, ABC's.

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