PW50 Pricing

Does anybody know where I can get a good deal on a PW50 in North Calif? I am trying to pick one up for my son for bday.


Try the recycler, also has motorcycle's. The sierra chapter of Over the Hill Gang has a for sale section on their website and I think Mutant or AMP or CMA (race promoters) have a forsale section. They hold thier price really well.

good luck


I looked for one for my son here in TX, but found that the price held really well, so not many deals to be had. In the end, I went for a new CRF50. At least I can trick it out when he's done with it - but then again, his younger sister wants it - but in pink or purple!!

Keep in mind that since the bike is so inexpensive, there is not as much room to play with in cost vs. retail.

I'm in NorCal and was considering the same as I have a YZ426 (the boy loves blue!). But the more I looked around, the more I am drawn towards the CRF50. The CRF will be green sticker if it's 03 or newer, as the PW's will be red (I was shocked at this one - I can just imagine unloading our bikes during green season, and having to load back up because my son's "chainsaw" has a red sticker!). The CRF's also have 3 speeds and are chain driven, as opposed to the single speed gear driven PW. The upgrades available for the CRF are like having a PW50 and PW70 in one. I'm going for the CRF, then buying a blue plastics kit and getting some vinyl Superman, Spiderman etc. stickers to put on them, while keeping the stock plastics unridden on so that when it comes to sell time it will look new! Plastics only run around $120 for the set. There is also a seller "safelyride" that sells the center mount training wheel set for $60 shipped - much cheaper then the stores. Hope this gives some insight to your searching!


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