Should i get my deposit back...& go Honda

Man, i feel ill in even typing these words :cry:

I put a deposit on an 05 YZ a few weeks ago.

I just picked up a copy of Dirt Bike & the write ups on the CRF were almost sickening. They must keep these reds in their bedrooms at night !!! Not one bad word said about them in a month of testing.

As for the YZ, they sickened me with the consytant mention of the 4 speed, how it felt cramped to taller riders {i'm over 6 feet} basically said it lacked power, the chain is [@#$%&*!], the saddle isn't forgiving...etc.

Man this four speed might suck. I'm coming off a wickedly tuned 04 WR 450 F.

I maybe exaggerating somewhat, but they really loved that CRF.

I guess i can be happy with the reliability factor of my Yamaha :cry:.........although they even raved about the Honda on that account as well :cry:

I also realize the rider makes the biggest difference....but i need all the help i can get :cry:

Someone make it alright....i need a hug.... LMFAO

Not trying to offend anyone....just a little pissed.

Is Honda really on top interms of all around wins in MX ???

Stick with the Yamaha, if you are used to riding a yamaha, you wont like the CRF. The power on the Yamaha is WAY better than on the Honda. The suspension and handling is lacking on the YZF compared to Honda, but send it out to Factory Connection, and you cant go wrong. I have ridden both, and I will stick with my Yamaha. I will say that the aluminum frame and weight is nice, and I cant wait for the yamaha to get theirs in 06. But in my opinion, stick with the yamaha.... Actually, if you were to check out transworldmx, and look at their 450 F shootout video's. 3 of the 4 riders like the CRF and the Yamaha were pretty much dead even, but preferred the CR suspension. The 4th rider liked the YZ better because of better stability and engine.

I don't usually malinger in the YZ forum, but I already read everything in the CRF forum...

Anyways here is a link to my first impression of the 2005 CRF450.

My praise of the 2005 has gone nothing but higher with saddle time. It is clearly a different bike than the 02. Better in ever way. The main thing that has changed my initial impression is the motor. Once broke in fully the thing absolutely rips. I honestly can't find a flaw in the bike and other than an aftermarket exhaust I think the thing is going to stay... stock. I can't lust after any other bike after riding it. Am I going over-board? Maybe, but I love this bike. :cry:

Oh, to be fair the Yamaha 5 valve system lasts 2-3 times longer than Honda's or anyone elses 4 valve system. The downside is that Yamaha's top end is much more expensive to replace than Honda's.

holy crap did you get sucked in or what? if you haven't noticed that most of those mags are completely biased towards one bike or the other.

just do a searches on here and you'll find what you need to know about either bike and how people feel about them from actual owners not someone who rode a brand new one for a day.

i stand about 6'5" and 240lbs and a big reason i'm on the YZ450 is because of the comfort for size-- the '04 crf was cramped to me and i don't think they would have completely changed their ergonomics in one year.

one of the other big reasons is because the power is more snappy on the yz and has been for a while. now i haven't ridden the '05 honda but i have ridden the '04 and it just seemed really soft in power comparison.

about the valves, yes honda has a problem.. they have for a while. kibble white makes a good replacement kit and explains the problem in pretty good detail on their site. maybe they fixed it in '05 but you won't be able to tell until the bike has at least a season on it. :cry:

about the yamaha top end, i ran the hell out of my '02 in the desert and at the track and after 2 years was still in specs with no adjustments required. i've had my 04 for a year now and it is still in, with no adjustments required. as for replacing my head well i guess i wouldn't know how much it costs because i have never had to do it. of course this is just my experience but i'll bet you can ask most of the people in this forum and get them same response.

the 4 speed is great!!! it has helped me pull a couple sweet hole shots in the few races i've been in(beginner class) and means less shifting at the track. as for the desert i would go up a tooth on the back and still enjoy the fact i was shifting less. :cry: if you still feel like you need to shift more the wr tranny fits right in and it's a 5 speed. :cry:

do you really think that riding red or riding blue will make you any faster? reliability and price were the last real big factors after i found a comfortable, powerful bike and that's why i have the bike i have. :cry:

i'd say do a little more research if you need to but don't go by some article you found in a mag. :cry:

Stick with the Yamaha. I have a 04 YZ450 and I love the thing, 4 speed and all. I am 6'2" and 240 lbs and am extremely comfortable riding it. I rode a friends CR and was not comfortable one bit. A quote from Yamaha "If it ain't broke, why fix it."

Just remember these same mag's rated the yamaha down for 04 because it had too much power :cry: go figure

I'm 6'2 and with Jimmy Button bend bars and my 04 fits me great.

I think the 4 speed is the best for the track, less shifting means 1 less thing to think about. And as mentioned b4 with a 4 speed all gears are slightly longer so its easier to get close to the front, 4 thru the first corner is the best so far for me, but as my riding ability isn't quite up to it I now prefer a mid pack start. Comparing my 04 with a mates 04 Honda I liked the way the yamaha's power didn't tail off as we havent got either 05's in OZ yet I havent had the chance to compare them.

I turned blue due to all the bad new re honda's valves. As per most other bikes replace the chain, swap bars if needed, unfortunatly I found out a little late with yamaha's you also need to silicon down the chain slider.

If I were you I would take your deposit back and wait for the 06 YZF. I ride a YZ and hondas feel cramped and too small. I'm 6'3" and only feel comfy on tall bikes. Honda is too weird if your used to yamaha. It feels skittish and unstable in situations you wouldn't even notice on your YZF. I've ridden an 03 and 04 and was not impressed with the power of the crf...too smooth. Lacked that fun factor of a hard hit.

Try and bum a ride off someone with a CRF before you make a decision. Or rent one. We got a place in Cali that will bring the new bikes to whatever track you wanna ride and you can do your own test ridng for a day. Its $300 I think.

Thanks guys :cry: I haven't driven a four speed before in race conditions, but i like what i hear from a few of the posts so far. I bet the four speed will help me out. I ride my WR at the local MX track & have done surprisingly well against pure MX bikes. I ride alot. If i can toss that big WR around with little trouble....the YZ will be a dream :cry: I doubt that none of the local boys will come near me at the local track next season. They sometimes brag about beating me on my WR. Big deal :cry:

I won a few in my day as well. Yes, on the WR.

I think the practice on this mammoth will enhance my skill even moreso.

Anyway, i feel alot better. I can't wait to get my new 05.

I'm waiting for the second generation aluminum frame YZ. I'll get another new YZ in 07 :cry:

Another big guy on e yz450 here. 6' 4" and about 230... The bike fits me fine.

Not only that but when you sit a yz beside a cr, the yz just looks so much better than the cr's do. Either bike would have been fine for the riding I do, I just like the fit and finish better on the yz, and I know that Yamaha makes one hell of a bike.

The magazines rate which ever bike higher that pays them more. :cry: The reviews are fun to read, but don't put too much stock in what they say.

I love the 4speed - on my 03yzf - For MX only - I wish the Honda had the same - It really makes riding these big bikes more fun. I would stick to 5 speed for the woods - But I would buy a KTM EXC 300/or 450 if I was a woods rider!

The power on the 05 is more mellower than the previous YZF's -

The suspension is close on both bikes - you may have to replace with stiffer springs on both -

You will fit better on the yamaha with your height.

I like everything about the new Honda a lot(even the 5 speed) - enough to even buy one - But do not do it until you ride one - For that matter ride both 05's before you buy.

One of the reasons I like my YZ450 is I'm 6'1" and I'm cramped on a Honda.

I have ridden the Honda and its a nice bike but I like my 450 better. The 05 450 is supposed to have awesome suspension.

I don't think you need another gear on the YZ, the bike is so fast that I couldn't see how another gear is needed. The chain is schit though, spend a few bucks for an 0-ring.

Both bikes are good bikes.

BTW I wouldn't believe anything I saw in Dirtbike. Magazines give good reviews to the biggest advertiser.

I get the pleasure of riding Machoman's 05 YZ450 tomorrow...I will let you know how it goes! :cry:

hey ovrrdrive, I came across a thread of you looking into the ebay cdi to change the performance of your 450 a while back. Were you looking to reduce the hit some?

If so you are welcome to try mine out off of the 05. It will indeed remove the hit. I ended up buying 2 cdi units from on there. Both are faulty units, one doa, and the other will only run 20 minutes before failing. However it made all the difference in the world in how the 450 responds to the throttle input.

If a milder hit is what you're looking for try mine, and if it suits you, I'll be happy to trade for yours off the 04.

yes, there is one area that honda is years ahead of yamaha.


Actually, I think I was just curios as to what it was and what it did.

I hadn't seen any mention of it on the board at that time.

I'm very happy with the way my bike runs. :cry:

That's hard to believe you got another bad unit. I take it you're done with that company for a bit?

Would an oem unit for an '04 have the same effect?

Not counting the price being probably tripple what you paid for the aftermarket ones...

The cdi unit that worked definitely made the bike rev quicker, it accelerated with a lot more torque as well. It was like night and day over the stock unit. Too bad the guy resells crap.

Once I lick my wounds I'll look for another cdi. It's a shame they pot the things in epoxy or I'd go in there and fix the thing.

the oem is like 225, the aftermarket one was 100. So I could have just went ahead with an 04 and been done with it.

Get your deposit back, go buy the Honda, and keep reading those mags to help build your confidence.


I rode Machoman's 05 today for about 10 or so laps. The bike has an "electric' powerband and is deceptively fast. Several times I did not think I was carrying enough speed (because it is not loud and abnoxious like my bike) to clear a few obstacles but ended up clearing them with ease and even overjumping a few.

The suspension was a bit soft for me but even at that the action of the front forks was incredible. With stiffer springs they would without a doubt be the best forks I have tried.

The rest of the bike was typical Yamaha......and to me that is a good thing. I felt right at home one the bike after a few laps. This is one awesome bike!

Glad you liked the 05 YZF. I think I'm gonna wait for the AF YZF.

If marketing was a factor in bike tests than all of Honda's bikes would be number 1 not just the 4 strokes. THeir 2 strokes get trashed. I read Dirt Rider, DirtBike, Transworld MX, Cycle News and MXA before making the decision to buy an 03 YZ. Everything they said about the bike was true. All my buddies ride Honda and the mags were all I had for learning about other bikes. Read everyone's opinion not just 1 mag. Not all mags are way off. I will probably do the same for my next bike.

If you pay attention to each mag, you can learn what bikes they favor. MXA favors Yamaha while Dirt Rider favors Honda. I personally like this.

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