Should i get my deposit back...& go Honda

Man, i feel ill in even typing these words :cry:

I put a deposit on an 05 YZ a few weeks ago.

I just picked up a copy of Dirt Bike & the write ups on the CRF were almost sickening. They must keep these reds in their bedrooms at night !!! Not one bad word said about them in a month of testing.

As for the YZ, they sickened me with the consytant mention of the 4 speed, how it felt cramped to taller riders {i'm over 6 feet} basically said it lacked power, the chain is [@#$%&*!], the saddle isn't forgiving...etc.

Man this four speed might suck. I'm coming off a wickedly tuned 04 WR 450 F.

I maybe exaggerating somewhat, but they really loved that CRF.

I guess i can be happy with the reliability factor of my Yamaha :cry:.........although they even raved about the Honda on that account as well :cry:

I also realize the rider makes the biggest difference....but i need all the help i can get :cry:

Someone make it alright....i need a hug.... LMFAO

Not trying to offend anyone....just a little pissed.

Is Honda really on top interms of all around wins in MX ???

Go ahead and get the YZ. I really don't think you will be disappointed. I just rode a 05 crf450 and it is a sweet bike but I just bought a 04 YZ450 and love it. The valve issues and $$ was a factor for me buying my first Yamaha.

Honda probably is on top of the all around mx wins but RC is not there anymore. His 2 perfect seasons in the nationals is f'ing awesome. I hope he does good with Suzuki.

Here's your hug. :cry:

Just got my YZ 450f 04 11-5-04. It was my first 4 stroke to buy. Rode it at the local track Sat. Loved it. The 4 speed was great to me. All I have ever rode was a 250 2 stroke. My old bike is a Yz 250. The bike tracks very well. All my buddies had CRF 450 & grap about the front tire sliding instead of tracking. I never once had that problem with my Yz. :cry:

Keep the WR.

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