Gurgling sound coming from my 04 wr 450

When I stop riding and shut the motor off after a few min the rad will start to make a gurgling sound. Is there an air pocket in my cooling system? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks S.

When it is cold the level in the rad is totally full.

Change your antifreeze/distilled water it may be old or mixed at the wong ratios. 50/50 is what you should have. No gurgling should be present after that unless you overheat. :cry:

its probly just the the fluid returning to the rad from the overflow tank. :cry:

Yeah, my bike does the same thing, could never pin point where the sound is coming from :cry:

Mine normally makes a bit of gurgling after i shut it off and have been riding slow stuff. It has also made gurgling when my tank breather valve was acting funny.

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That is genius.

You are boiling your radiator fluid. Like mentioned before, change your fluid and add a 50/50 mix. This should take care of it.

My 03 WR450 does the same thing and I am running Engine Ice in it.

I think that since the coolant isn't flowing when the bike is off one of two things is happening:

1.Coolant is boiling around the very hot cylinder head.

2. Coolant is moving to or from the overflow (expansion) tank.

I found squeezing the tank made the same type of noise and put it down to the dickie cap on the tank with some fuel in that crazy valve in there when the fuel expands from the heat of the motor :cry: squeeze youre tank and let us know what happens :cry:

i'm with blue beast on this one. before you do anything with your cooling system, unscrew you gas cap when you hear the noise. my '03 does it. it drove me nuts trying to find it. well, maybe just more nuts.

my 04 WR450 does not do this

Finally went for another ride and it was thw gas cap venting making the sound. Thanks S.

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