runs like [@#$%&*!] down low?

well i took my bike for a rip today after sealing the airbox. the only problem i had was when the throttle was at a steady 1/4 or so opening the engine would sputter and feal like its gonna stall. does the pilot affect this part of the throttle range? i put a 45 pilot in it before because it was lean from my leak, but now that fixed so could that 45 be giving it to much fuel at that opening?



What kind bike are you riding?How many turns is the pilot screw out?How big is the main jet?Elevation?

its a 99 yz400f. 182 main, 4th or 5th clip (can't remember), 45 pilot, 1 3/4 turns out. around 0 degrees celcius, between 300 and 1300 feet above sea level.

Before you do any tuning, clean out the carb really good. Make sure it's clean.

You're right in the throttle range where the pilot jet and fuel screw can make a large difference, that is where I would start adjusting. Try to tune it out with the fuel screw, and if that isn't enough adjustment then start swapping pilot jets.

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