Looking for Oklahoma Riders

This guy is looking into making a 2500 acre riding area in Davis Oklahoma. :cry: Around the Lake Murray are. Its by the Arbuckle Mountain area and it should have very technical areas, numerous terrain changes, creeks,rocks etc. (You now the fun stuff) :cry: :cry: He is in need of people who are willing to show interest in this area. If your interested in any way send him an email message to let him know. This is the message he sent me. :cry:


First of all let me thank you for your interest in this project. We have approached several other groups offering them land access and they have not showed near the interest that the OCCRA folks have. Of course I am a past OCCRA rider and knew I would get a rise out of the bikers!!!

I met with the city manager (another retired rider who love dirt bikes and ATV's) and it's a go. What this means is that we will present our proposal to the city council and if they agree we will then schedule a public hearing to start the ball rolling on the grant applications.

What I need now is a e-mail blitz to accrue as many e-mail addresses of interested off roaders that you guys can drum up. The big key to making this happen is participation. The city wants to see income off of this area and I would like to present them with dozens of e-mail addresses of interested riders to prove to them that this project will succeed!

Share my e-mail address with any off roaders you know and have them e-mail me. I will add them to the group and update them as possible with any news.

If we pull this off you guys might be banging bars on Arbuckle Mountain cedars in a short time!


Show him some support!!! :cry:

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