Brake snake for 2003 WR450

My son picked up a brake snake for me the other day. Here are some of my ideas on what to attach the washer to.

1) Loop the wire around the frame adjacent to brake pedal.

2) Place a washer ( with a hole drilled in it) under a skid plate bolt. Run the wire thru this hole.

3) Drill a small hole in the skid plate ( heavy duty add on skid plate) and run the wire thru it.

Any comments, suggestions, or photos of how some of you have did it.

As always, thanks to TT'ers.


I meant to write - what should I attach the wire to?


The lower frame case guard bolt is what I use. I wrap the cable around the bolt and then tighten it. It is at a good angle and low on the frame. Keep the table in postion while you tighten the bolt. From this angle you can have the cable snug but still allow full brake action without resistance. :cry: You can also use one of the holes in the side guard to loop thru.

I agree with Indy, go to a frame bolt. Don't use the drilling method on anything. It makes for too tight a loop and if you come in contact with something stout it WILL tear the cable in half and then it's useless. Your drilled hole will have sharp edges, which will cut the cable on impact. Do not attach to your aftermarket skidplate because it will always be hanging in your way when you are serviceing your bike. (the skidplate) But then thats just my opinion.


I just looped it around the frame..... :cry:

What's so difficult?

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