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I have a XR100 with a 120 kit. Ran great, bought a ATC200X carb (24mm vs 22mm stock) and rejetted. Then bike is awesome at idle, off idle, 1/4 to 3/4 and even full throttle. Here's the problem: The bike screams all the way through the throttle when I'm on a flat section but if I get on a very steep hill the bike just bogs big-time if I've got the throttle WFO. If I back off throttle and get the revs up again it runs fine until I hit WFO again. Does this sound like a main jet lean problem? I'm gonna take it out again tomorrow to re-jet if needed but I just thought of something else - this carb was bought used in unknown condition, could the float be off? Would that cause a fuel starvation problem on a steep hill but not on a flat?

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