Slightly off topic XL 500S top end rebuild

I'm going to freshen up my '79 XL 500S top end, and Im looking for parts sources. I've just gotten back into riding after a 21 year children sidetrip. Where is the best place to buy the rebuild parts needed to make this old beater into a good running machine? I'm not looking to hop it up, as I'd be better off just buying a newer dual sport bike, I just want to bore it, do a valve job and replace the cam chain. This bike has 16000 neglected miles :cry: on it and could use some attention.

Somewhere here I found some links to XL enthusiast sites, but I can't find them now. Could someone please direct me to them?

Thanks in advance, Mark

Thanks, I don't see any 500 stuff on their website, but I'll call them and see.

In regards to my question about the XL sites, do you remember any posts that talked about those sites? I can't seem to find anything about them in search, and IIRC it was Off Topic from the original post. Any help?


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