I need a kickstand for a 98 wr400!!!

Can anyone point me in the right direction to find a used kickstand for a 98 WR400? How much should I expect to pay (not including shipping)? :cry:

I just got a Trail Tech kickstand from Rocky Mountain ATV last week and put it on and am very satisfied with it. It was like $88 shipped, and the quality is very good. True 5 minute installation as well.

They list one for the 98 wr400 too.


If you want to pay almost double that amount and get what some think is a better stand (whatever that means), Pro Moto Billet makes one that will probably fit. Prices start at $149 + shipping I think.

One last note, after I ordered mine from Rocky Mountain, I saw the vendor list here at the TT store and they say they carry Trail tech. I would call them first and see if they have it. The shipping will be faster, service better, and they always say they beat everyone else prices, so the price should be better as well.

I didn't see any mention of it when I ordered, and I didn't want to wait until the next business day to place the order or I would have called them first as well...

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