How many miles is too many miles seriously??

Ok, I have seen this posted before but I have a 97? (or 98 can't remember) XR650L with about oh say 16000 miles.. It still runs great but uses some oil.. Not much but a little between changes and it does smoke on occasion when it is started. I have only put maybe 1000 miles on this bike but would like to know when it is time to rebuild?? I have seen this asked before but no-one responded. I have been told by the dealer and a few threads on here that some blue smoke at startup is quit normal until they warm-up. Mine does not smoke at all when warmed-up.. I was also told that oil usage was common on XR650L (air cooled)?? Is this true?? Should I freshen up my motor over the winter or let it go.. I am a big fan of "if it ain't broke don't fix it".

I know the prevous two owners.. The original owner was great with maintenance and kept a log of all oil changes and air filter replacement up until 12000 miles. The second owner was horrible and only changed the oil once with valvoline 10w30 and never cleaned the filter after running it through corn fields. Needless to say I had a mess to cleanup on the bike but this was only for about 3000 miles.

Some reponses would be great.

DOES anybody else have a 650L with this many miles on it???

30,000 miles is about the limit! The things that need to be looked out for; is the timing chain and the valves tulipping. The bike isn't going to strand you if it is blowing oil but, throw a timing chain and your stuck. Yes, they burn some oil but, not much. The reason noone wants to answer this is some that are looking for top performance wouldn't have waited this long and others will say it can go 40,000 miles. Adjust you valves, chainge the oil all the time and be happy. If the timing chain starts slapping and making noise get rid of it or do a complete rebuild. When you pull the filter and see metal you have problems....we are talking steel not the shiny sheen of aluminum and cylinder wear.

If the bike is starting and running good I would let it go. I'd say 20000 miles would be where I would open it up and look at it. Seems like you see quite few guys on here that have 25000 miles on the 650l's.

Keep up with your maintenance and the bike will out last you.

Id hate to have a bike that would only last 30,000 miles.

Well I would like to see an air cooled dirt bike (this one starts out with .003" clearence on the piston) make it much more then 30,000 miles! I wouldn't take it out into the boonies! 30,000 miles on an air cooled bike is a major lot and the XR600 can do it. Not many air cooled bikes can make it that far. The XR400 is another long runner. of corse with the right rebuild it might even go another 40,000 with some cool stuff to get the extra milage. The new silicon pistons let you run tighter tolerance. A better timing chain setup like the XR650R and the XR400 helps a lot. S/S valves, moly rings ya, you can get more but, it will cost you. Then you would have to keep it to get the moneys worth.

Thanks for the replies.. I have to disagree with the bike turning into a pumpkin at 30,000 miles. I have spoken to a friend and Porsche, VW collector as well as engineer who has informed me of the loose tolerances on these air cooled machines that ran upwards of 200K. (he has a couple) with no rebuild. He claimes this is the magic. I was also emailed some pics of XR's going well over 80K yeehaaa!!!! I think at 30K I will look into a top end rebuild but until then I am riding.. Also let us not forget the Harley Evolution that goes many K's before a tune-up.. And yes it is air cooled.

Thanks again for the input.

Mine is at 23,000 and still going strong. I keep wanting to do the top end, but it runs too well to justify the effort.

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