XR600 2000 model IMS 4 gal tank problem

Got my tank and mounted it this morning.

The problem is the right hand side lower portion of the tank only clears the top of the engine by about 4-5mm. It looks too close. (basically a small screwdrivers width is all the clearance that is available.)

I hardly rode the bike but I'm real scared there is not sufficient clearance to let the heat clear away from the engine.

Can anyone confirm what the clearance should be?

Can you guys who have the 4 gallon tank on their XR600s confirm the clearance they have?

(4-5mm is about 1/6 inch in imperial speak)

Thanks and I really appreciate any comments or suggestions. AFAIK the tank has been mounted perfectly so it's a bit of a worry that there is so little clearance.

I had the big IMS tank on my 600 and had to space it out a bit for clearance. I just used some flat washers between the tank bracket (the triangular shaped bracket) and the mounting point on the frame - I think I used two on the right side to get proper clearance.

I have an IMS 4.3 or therabouts and have about a finger's width or more between the tank and engine in any given spot. I have narrow fingers so thats about 1-3cm.

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