Need to renew rear wheel shine.

I like the idea of powder coating, very tough and a lot less work by the sounds of it. My buddy did his and they turned out sweet!

It worked so good, i'll do a writeup on it and post it across the boards for peeps to use.

Yea, it was a good coating of super strength easy off for about 2 minutes, then a wipe off with a shop towel. Then i lightly cleaned it with a regular brillo pad (lightly), then polished the rim and spokes good with the mothers aluminum polish, cutting a length of cloth and wraping once around the spokes and pulling on each end. Then i used new finish 2001 car polish for it's long lasting superior protection qualites, doing the same thing with the cloth for the spokes.


I see you still have the stock chain slider. While you are cleaning your wheel you better look under your chain slider on the swing arm they are famous for rubbing through the swing arm. I have a ZipTy slider on mine and work much better when it starts making noise time to adjust the chain.

Remember it´s a DIRT bike.... :cry:

Just ride it.. :cry:

I need to polish my rims too...


Naeee that wont do it... :cry:

You need to ride that thing trough a lake or something.. :cry:

Don´t let the mud sit to long, otherwise a farmer might come claim it as his land.. :cry: :cry: :cry:

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